Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Twitter Says About A&E and Duck Dynasty

I was looking on twitter and noticed a lot of people talking about Duck Dynasty and then talking about the consequences to A&E.  I was curious on what was being said.  I mined Twitter for #A&E and #duckdynasty and got the following wordclouds:

#duckdynasty amp is ampersand

These were for words mentioned at least 20 times over a few thousand tweets.  Clearly, people have more variety to say about A&E for their move in regards to Phil Robertson.  Whereas people hashtagging Duck Dynasty itsefl are just memorializing/supporting Phil.  One hashtag is an A&E bash whereas the other seems like a support network.  The two hashtags are definitely connected, but are communicating two different things it seems across the twittersphere and are being used by maybe the same people but two different emotions.  No sentiment analysis here...maybe at a later date.