Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Syrian Refugee with googleVis

In a previous post I showed the timeline of refugees leaving Syria for other countries.  The number of refugees leaving Syria is remarkable.  Understanding the strain this presents on countries is difficult to grasp.  Below I've attempted to visualize the population and proportion of refugees each of these countries hosts.  The tree map below shows the number of refugees (color:  red (lower) - green (higher) ) when compared between countries and the relative size of the host country (population) being represented by square size in the plot.  To the right of the tree map is a sankey diagram showing the relative volume of refugees in different countries in different times.  Notice how the volume to Lebanon increases dramatically from 2012 to 2013.

Though the number of refugees would strain any countries' economy, Lebanon is experiencing a unique proportion of the burden in this regard.  The number of refugees has had a considerable impact on the overall population percentage of the country.  The weight of hosting this many refugees is particularly straining to Lebanese laborers, rent prices, and other resources of the country.