Friday, December 18, 2015

Marathon Races Shiny App

About a year ago I posted about men's and women's marathon (and longer) distance races from the dataset.  In the meantime, Shiny development and the open source announcement of have brought data visualization to the next level.  As an avid (at least former) runner, exploring marathon data is interesting at both the personal and "data science" (or is that personal too?) levels.  Thus, I finished a Shiny app that explores this dataset from 2014.  Unfortunately, 2015 data is not being updated for one reason or another, but 2014 provides a lot of observations about marathon and longer distance races.

Click here to access the app.

The values can be toggled between months for 2014 and a searchable table of all the data is below the graph.  You will notice many of the points are small ultra-marathons around the world. provides nice graph interactive abilities found when hovering in the upper right corner of the graph.

Thanks to RStudio for all their work on Shiny and to for their plotly package and charting library.