Friday, March 24, 2017

Neural Networks for Learning Lyrics

I created a Twitter account which was inspired by a couple Twitter accounts that applied a particular type of machine learning technique to learn how two (at the time) presidential hopefuls spoke. I thought, why not see what a model like this could do with lyrics from my favorite rock n roll artist?
Long short term memory (LSTM) is a recurrent neural network (RNN) that can be used to produce sentences or phrases by learning from text. The two twitter accounts that inspired this were @deeplearnthebern and @deepdrumpf which use this technique to produce phrases and sentences.
I scraped a little more than 300 of his songs and have fed them to a LSTM model using R and the mxnet library. Primarily I used the to build and train the model…great site and tools.  The tutorials on their site are very helpful and particularly this one.

The repository is here that contains the code for the scraper and other information.
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